Interactive Project for the Public Good

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Project Scope

Interactive Project for the Public Good is a client-based project where a group of students works with a selected nonprofit to assist the organization with their branding, graphic design, website development, videography, and photography. The students are broken into separate roles that each contribute to the overall execution and success of the project.

Role: Lead Video Producer

My role as the Lead Video Producer prioritized the shooting and editing of video segments that captured the tone, messaging, story, and brand elements of the organization.

I succeeded in capturing interviews, and additional video footage of the community and its’ elements. Following the production phase, I successfully edited the footage into several smaller video segments that are displayed within the website, YouTube channel, and social media channels.

The first of these segments was a mission statement video that featured the owner elaborating on the focus of the organization and the impact it aims to make within the community.

Collaborating with our Brand Strategist, I focused the rest of the interviews on capturing the testimonies of community members who could preach to the impact of the organization on the guise of a campaign we orchestrated called “Heart to HeART” conversations.

Mission Statement

Heart to HeART

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