Behind the Scenes!

An interactive storytelling experience.

Creative Process

The magic of  “ther· a·peu·tic”

At the crossroads of empathetic storytelling and immersive interactivity, “ther· a·peu·tic” is an original series highlighting the fluidity of healing and growth. Below are the details behind the magic that birth the pilot episode.

My creative philosophy

My creative process is fueled by my philosophy of empathetic connectivity. I aim to make my stories personal, drawing a connection between the viewer, character, and the setting using empathy.

 Participants detailed their experiences with interactive video entertainment, personal preferences in television or film genres, and the survey concluded with open-ended questions about the possibility of interactivity within certain genres.

From the qualitative data provided by both participants, I formulated the features for the interactive storytelling experience that I would provide.

  • Interface Selection- Eko Interface
  • Range of Interactive Choices – 3-choices.
  • Length of Story – Make the timeframe of the entire video between 8-13 minutes.

Pre-Production Phase

This phase prioritized planning  the overall vision of the project. Task included: conceptualization, writing the script, storyboarding, scouting locations and talent. Technical challenges later within the phase impacted my productivity;  my professional network assisted me with task completion

Script Writing


Talent Recruitment

Dion Cummings

Writer, Director, and Producer

Thomas Jasmine

Sound Engineer

Abigail Bekele

Production Assistant

Kayla Price

Voice Actress

Lake Sims-Winfrey

Lead Actress

Akua Adunayo

Voice Actress

Zion Bright

Lead Actor

Treanna Wilson

Voice Actress

Light Testing

I spent a few days prioritizing lighting for my actors. I wanted to capture the serious, darker tone of my content while also accurately depicting actors of darker skin complexions.

Production Phase

During this phase, I created various forms of content that would make up my project. The list of content: complete video project, Eko layout creation, and behind-the-scenes webpage. I faced technical challenges within this phase that delayed completion, I mitigated the loss of time and productivity through using external resources.

Post-Production Phase

The final phase prioritized editing, quality checking, testing, and promotion. I achieved completely editing and importing my videos into the Eko interface, embedding Eko into my webpage, testing the interface, and releasing promotional snippets on social media prior to release.

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What's next?

Career Advancement

I am going into the production field with a particular interest in television and filmmaking.  I additionally have an interest in working with companies in brand storytelling. My target roles are production assistant, producer, director, or videographer positions where I work my way to being an Executive Producer. 

Passion Projects

  • Script-writing: I plan to continue to finish writing the pilot and pitch to script competitions. 
  • An NC-based production focused on bringing awareness to the diverse amount of talent and creativity within the Black communities located within the state of North Carolina.  
  • Starting  an apprenticeship or mentorship program that provides creative learning and experience to youth in underrepresented communities that may have an interest in the filmmaking industry.